Bronx, New York - You can be a victim of your own lawyer, bank or the Judge in your case. Lawyers who are associates of the Court will more than likely take your house even if you are right. The color of justice is money. To win you will need to sign up a big law firm to be successful in their breeding grounds. 

Right or wrong they don't care; they will not be bothered about you; their only concern is to take the property. They stand to make
a lot of money with your property. In this case, they made more than three hundred thousand dollars, $300,000.

If you report them to the State, forget it. New York Attorney General will tell you that they don't handle a complaint unless they have 
12 persons with the same complaint. This is not true since we have a case where there were no complaints before they filed a petition, contrary to their belief. The petition did not mention a single person who victimized. You will be screwed if you try to fight for your house in Court. You are better off trying a loan modification or a short-sale. Stay away from the Courts.

We turned around and we investigated everybody. The lawyer took unauthorized money from the owner, 
$80,000. The bank officer acted in concert. Not too long before this case, the Judge committed Election 
Fraud. And the Assistant Attorney General's father was responsible for money missing in the Puerto Rican Bar Association, $90,000.

With tooth and nails they turned around and raised fraudulent charges against us, made a big stink and never brought us to Court, 
behind our backs they deprived us of our constitutional rights.

Shortly thereafter the Attorney General, Spitzer, who was then Governor of New York, was asked to resign for screwing people. 

If you report them to the FEDS because you have a FHA mortgage, they will tell you that unless they will lose money in the case they cannot be bothered.

The matter was reported to the New York Office of Inspector General who informed the Attorney General. You are back in their circle. 

I don't say this will happen in all the cases, but if you end up with a bunch of criminals you will surely lose everything. Don't let the matter of your home end up in Bronx Court. You can be a victim of FRAUD in Bronx Court.   Email:
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