We know the pain homeowners are going through, with the possibility of being without their house. You are not alone; millions are going through the same problem. Do everything possible to keep the house, but when everything fails, is time to walk away with money banks are offering to help you.

Our goal is to help you, the homeowner, keep your house, without having to charge you a penny. If the help you need is not within our reach, we will have people help you. 

The first option is a loan modification by your bank or lender. Call your bank. They have their own system for this purpose.

If you find that is better to walk away from the property, we can negotiate a short sale. You, the homeowner, are not under any obligation to pay us for our services.

Give us authorization to get approval and you can walk away from the property with an incentive, money, the bank can give you to help with expenses.
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